Knowledge Sharing

A key membership benefit is access to UKSIF’s events programme, curated with the support of our Analyst Committee, to inform members on the most pressing topics in sustainability and providing direct support on the latest developments and ways to approach new policies and regulations.

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Annual Events Programme

UKSIF holds 30+ annual events, including flagship conferences, webinars, roundtables and briefings, operating under the key themes of:

  • The Big Picture in ESG, sharing the latest developments across the ESG space
  • The Sectoral Dimension, diving into the challenges, opportunities and risks facing different industry sectors in the transition to a sustainable economy.
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Website Members' Area

UKSIF’s website includes a password-protected area for UKSIF members. Any employee of an UKSIF member is able to register online to access exclusive member briefings, policy updates and recordings of UKSIF events.

We are currently building UKSIF’s new Knowledge Hub in our members’ area. This will capture the latest reports, data, research and press articles across key topics and form a vital first point of reference across our membership.

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More of What We Do

Connecting the Community

By creating the space for networking and showcasing good practice across the sector, we bring together this broad community to highlight success and create connections, allowing our members to achieve more, build networks, generate great ideas and grow faster.

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Policy Influencing

UKSIF has a long track record of successfully influencing government policy, giving a strong voice to our members to push forward the need for a sustainable future delivered in a way that works for our industry, positions the UK as the world leader, and creates opportunities for innovation.

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