UKSIF response: Transition Plan Taskforce, ‘Call for Evidence’-A Sector-Neutral Framework for private sector transition plans

Oscar Warwick Thompson
Oscar Warwick Thompson12th July 2022

UKSIF welcomes the opportunity to respond to this Call for Evidence to help identify some of the key elements and principles that we believe should inform all companies’ climate transition plans. Climate transition plans will play a vital part in helping ensure delivery of companies’ stated ambitions to reach net-zero, and assist investors and wider stakeholders, to scrutinise companies’ progress on this journey.

In light of the recent political uncertainty we have seen, it is absolutely vital that the UK remains firmly committed to progressing work on this initiative at pace, which would help demonstrate the UK’s continued leadership on sustainable finance and intention to deliver on its pressing net-zero mission. UKSIF, members of the Taskforce, and financial institutions broadly will need to ensure that the incoming government is aware of the huge significance of this initiative, and does not seek to delay its progress over the coming months.

We are pleased to be involved with the work of the Transition Plan Taskforce, specifically to assist private-sector transition plan users and preparers. In our response to this Call for Evidence, we recommend that transition plans provide a holistic picture of how a company will decarbonise as the world transitions to a low-carbon future, beyond a focus on net-zero and climate targets alone, as vital as these are.

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