UKSIF responds to The Pension Regulator’s Climate Strategy publication

James Alexander
James Alexander7th April 2021

Commenting on the Pension Regulator’s Climate Strategy publication, James Alexander, CEO of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF), said:

“We’ve previously published research showing that many pension schemes have not complied with producing their Statements of Investment Principles (SIPs) under the DWP ESG regulations, and have pushed strongly for a central directory of SIPs to improve scrutiny of schemes’ ESG policies. The commitment to enforcement action by TPR is a welcome step, and UKSIF looks forward to working closely with TPR on their proposal for an index of SIP web addresses as a starting point for the development of a decision-useful register of SIPs.”

Our comment was picked up in Responsible Investor and Business Green, among other trade press.